A Hemorrhoid Relief Guide

Getting rid of your hemorrhoids can be possible with some changes to your life. With proper care and treatment at home, you can be well on your way to getting rid of your hemorrhoids. 

There is no magic cure to get rid of hemorrhoids fast or overnight. How you got your hemorrhoids can often decide how your treat your hemorrhoids. 

So to begin, we need to understand a little about how hemorrhoids came to be in your life.

How do you get hemorrhoids (sometimes called piles)?

Your anus, the place where you eliminate solid waste from, has many veins. What is special about the anal cavity is that is stretches. However, when these veins in the anal cavity are stretch too much or receive too much pressure, they can become swollen. When this happens, you have what’s known as Hemorrhoids or Piles.

Will my hemorrhoids go away?

Typically, with proper care, your hemorrhoids will go away on their own.

Taking proper care of yourself and the afflicted area when you have hemorrhoids can increase this likelihood. Be sure to look through this guide thoroughly to help find the best solutions for you.

Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

  • Sitting for long periods
  • Poor bathroom habits, like excessive straining to spending too much time on the toilet.
  • Not getting enough fiber in your diet.
  • Being overweight or obese can add more pressure

Let’s get you on your way to sittin’ pretty. 

Treating Your Hemorrhoids at Home

The pain. The Itching. The bleeding. You’ve got symptoms you need to address, so let’s cover those hemorrhoid issues you want to take care of fast right away!

person in hemorrhoid pain

Your hemorrhoid pain is caused by the swollen veins in your anus.

You’ll want to address this right away to start you on your way to healing those hemorrhoids.

Good news? There are TONS of things you can do at home to help treat your hemorrhoids.

Apply Hemorrhoid Creams

hemorrhoid cream icon

Hemorrhoid creams are one of quickest and easiest ways to seek out relief for your hemorrhoid pain. It’s a convenient solution for anytime and almost anywhere.

Be sure to follow the directions on the specific cream you pick up, but generally you will place a small amount of cream on your finger and then gently apply it the area with hemorrhoids.

This will be repeated several times a day.

How Do Hemorrhoid Creams Help?

Many hemorrhoid creams contain a medicine or local anesthetic to help with the pain. Often this added ingredient will be lidocaine or something similar, which will provide a cooling or numbing sensation to the area, providing relief for a few hours.

Where to Find Hemorrhoid Creams

Hemorrhoid creams can be found in most local drugs stores and pharmacies like CVS or RiteAid. They can also be found in big retailers like Walmart or Target.

A HUGE selection can also be found on Amazon, many with two-day prime shipping.

Take A Sitz Bath

A sitz bath is a shallow bath of warm water that allows you to soak the area with hemorrhoids to help relieve pain and cleanse the area. Two very important parts of treating your hemorrhoids!

A reliving sitz bath is an almost universally recommended natural remedy for hemorrhoids.

Give a Sitz Bath a try! 

How does a Sitz Bath help your hemorrhoids?

The warm water and epsom salt help reduce the inflammation and swelling. This in turn helps reduce the cause of your pain, discomfort, and itchiness.

The reduction in swelling also helps promote healing. The warm bath and salt will act as a gentle wash, helping keep the area clean, and reducing the risks of your hemorrhoids worsening.

How To Take a Sitz Bath

There are many different ways to prepare a sitz bath. Check out our special guide on the Sitz Bath!

How To Prepare A Sitz Bath!

Where to Find Sitz Bath Ingredients 

For a Sitz Bath, all you really need to start is warm water. But there are things you can add to your bath than can make a big difference.

A HUGE selection of Sitz Bath additions can be found on Amazon, many with two-day prime shipping.

Relieve Pressure with Hemorrhoid Cushions

hemorrhoid cushion icon

A hemorrhoid cushion is a specially shaped seat cushion that acts as a donut shaped pillow for us unfortunate hemorrhoid sufferers.Many of us have to sit at some point while we try to fix our hemorrhoids. For some, this can be excessively painful and uncomfortable.

That’s where a hemorrhoid cushion comes in.

A specially placed hole or indentation will allow you some extra room to avoid placing pressure directly on your hemorrhoids. Which can make all the difference in the world when you still have to go into the office.

Where to Find Hemorrhoid Cushions?

Cushions can sometimes be found in local drugs stores like CVS or RiteAid. You might have a harder time finding them at big retailers like Walmart or Target.

There is a GREAT selection that be found on Amazon, some with prime shipping.